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Joining the Intenergys Team allows your company to partner with industry leaders who share a common goal of developing innovative, resilient energy solutions. Industry research points to strong growth opportunities and the need for Intenergys resilient energy technology; however, execution is challenging. Resilient Microgrids are not a do-it-yourself project, even for organizations with deep electrical and mechanical engineering expertise. Resilient Microgrids have multiple power generation, operations management, and control system components from diverse vendors that must be integrated and optimized for interoperability and security. Having the right team of software, hardware, systems integration, financial engineering, and consulting partners is the key to a successful design and implementation process.

Intenergys is a leader in resilient energy systems designed specifically for each organization cohesively, consistently, and on a confidential basis. The world’s critical infrastructure requires our uninterruptable energy management methods and pioneering financial services to satisfy the community's demands.

Our valued partners play a key role in helping us fulfill the needs of our clients. Intenergys team is unique in that it possesses all of the necessary resources to accomplish the following essential project steps in a coordinated and integrated manner:

  • Perform design/build energy-related services
  • Procure financing
  • Operate, maintain, and/or own generation systems
  • Provide long term commodity services (electricity and natural gas)
  • Design demand and peak response programs
  • Evaluate current systems
  • Adapt new technologies to meet mission requirements
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